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There is underlying hurt and you can’t let go of.

This life around you isn’t quite feeling right.

  • Your heart and soul feel distracted

  • You can’t seem to take the steps that your mind keeps telling you that you should.

  • Ideas come and go without any action taken

  • Sadness and unsettlement creep in but you can’t put your finger on it.

You want to feel happiness but instead you feel unsettled. Unfulfilled. Wondering if this just is the way it is. Sure, you seem happy to the outside, but your mind keeps spinning and questioning. Do other people feel this way? Am I just selfish? Aren’t I supposed to be happy with all this?

YOU’re TIRED OF LIVING THIS WAY - but how do you change it?

You even tried a few things….

That new hobby to “do something for yourself”

A therapist who chalked it up to the anxiety that so many women face

Read a few books everyone was buzzing about

the problem with those is that they are isolating, don’t resolve the issue and leave you feeling even more stuck.

Pushing through confusion, trying to find your way on your own is not fun. Yet it’s what we do because not enough women are talking about this and there aren’t enough resources to turn to. Drinking wine with your girlfriends is a fun night but it’s not going to shift your life…and in fact might leave you feeling even more isolated.

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OVERWHELM. When you begin the journey to uncover emotional blocks and step into your desires, it can feel like your entire world has been tossed into a blender. Confusion, frustration and sadness can arise and leave you wondering why you began. It can feel isolating to be going through all of this without quite knowing what it all means.

HURT. Willingness to see yourself and address your past can bring up the emotions of things you thought you let go of a long time. Our experiences and those of generations before us are a part of us and are difficult to shed light on.

CONFUSION. Peeling back the layers is a profoundly beautiful experience…but can leave you confused. Kind of like, ok I feel amazing but now what? For many this confusion leads to inaction and inability to step into their true desires.



GUIDANCE & SUPPORT. You need someone by your side who can help you navigate this journey and give you the tools needed to move through and take the right actions. A mentor, a coach, a partner who holds space for you, knows your truth and has helped others on the same path.

HEALING. True, deep healing and release is needed to fully step into your light. We all carry the energy of past traumas, whether in this lifetime or another. Without fully healing this and moving the energy, you will continue to feel stagnant, heavy and unable to live your purpose.

CLARITY. Recognizing that something feels off within your soul can feel lonely. Being to peel back the layers is a profoundly beautiful experience. Knowing what to then do with this new lightness and happiness is what will truly change your life. Unearthing your true dreams and desires and then moving forward with them is what your soul craves and you need to have the accountability to bring you there.

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Let’s Activate Your Heart & Soul!

Hi, I’m Vaughn Pierro. I’m an energy healer & coach and I support women in their journey to step into their purpose and live a joyful and energized life. I do this through an integration of healing, energy movement, desire mapping and action based living. So the deep and transformational work we do BECOMES something. I’ll work with you to develop your own personal vision, lead you through healing rituals and help you step into the desires your soul has been aching for. I’m here to lead, guide and hold space for you as you explore what it means to discover your purpose and follow the path.

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…you are a gift. You are a beautiful healer and in tune with the heart. Thank you for allowing me to receive your gorgeous work. During our session I felt my spirit connect. I felt the overactive, stressed and exhausted energy settle down into a place of freedom, spaciousness and alignment.

Alexandra T.


“I feel amazing! I wish everyone could experience this. There would be no more suffering.”

(privately shared)


Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the positive impact you have made in my life in just ONE day!
- Michelle D.


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Let’s Create True Change

Sometimes life coaches have a process, a formula, that they need you to follow for success. You may be pushed into action but still live with a lingering feeling that something isn’t quite right. The missing piece is the healing. The piece you need in order to feel free and truly have the emotional space and truth to step into what you desire. Your journey isn’t a blueprint or a checklist - let’s take the time to uncover your own soul’s calling so you can have the fulfillment and alignment you know you are meant for.


What It Looks Like:

The format includes 3 90-minute calls and 3 30-minute calls. This structure is created so that we do deep healing and activation work in the 90-minute session along with coaching on your desires and finding alignment. You come away with renewed light, passion and direction.

Then the shorter sessions are an opportunity to review the work you’ve done in the week, move through the energy blocks that came up and continue on the path. It’s the support and accountability to ensure you are moving to what you desire and don’t allow new blocks to stand in your way.

Everyone’s life journey has been different and we will customize how our time is spent to ensure that you receive the support, healing, accountability and plan to live the life you desire.

The calls are all completed over a video conference so no matter where you are in the world, I am here to support you in your journey.



$1800 Pay In Full

or 2 payments of $1000

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Let’s set up a call to answer any questions!