It’s All Possible

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Hello my dear! There is no doubt you are on this page for a reason. I’m so happy that I have trusted and followed my heart to be here too.

Just 2 years ago I would have never thought showing up like this was possible - or that I even had anything worthy of sharing. I am grateful to have you read my story because it’s this journey that has brought me to serving women like you.

Here’s what happened…

For over 20 years I had a successful massage therapy practice that I loved. I had a precious, healthy family and a beautiful network of friends. Everything I could ask for…

Yet, I was not as happy as I felt I should be - as I knew I could be and wanted to be.

You know that feeling, right?

You’re busy in the day to day, but something just feels stagnant within you.

You’re too busy to be bored but it feels something like that. Like you know your heart and soul want to be lit up but they are just dimmed. A feeling that you want to be MORE.

I like to call this  “functioning happy” - you’re fine, those around you think all is good...but you’re not HAPPY.

I decided I couldn’t live my life like that anymore so I went on a journey…The journey included two intertwined elements - healing and discovering my truth.

We often don’t think we need to heal. We’ve dealt with stuff, we hurt but we moved on. Yet carrying that energy keeps you from seeing and feeling what needs to happen in your life.

I uncovered a lot of emotional baggage and old mindsets that were keeping me stuck.

So even if my HAPPY hit me upside the head, I was so blocked I would not have been open to receive it.

I became obsessed with personal growth, spirituality and healing myself.

I went on a retreat in Sedona looking for answers. While I was there I had an amazing experience doing Shamanic Breathwork. While I was in another level of consciousness I received a very clear message from Spirit (Holy Spirit that is),

I am a healer!

My right hand lit up - I could literally feel the energy buzzing through it - and some crazy, beautiful stuff happened!

I followed my heart and learned breathwork in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina. While healing my own past, I also stepped into the leadership and power of what I am meant to do.

If you have the desire or thoughts within you that you are meant for are. That is the only sign you need.

family, energy, healer, bonding, connection
connection, sisterhood, family, energy

As a healer, I can see, move and feel your chakra energy.

I receive messages about what emotion is keeping you stuck.

I clear the energy blocks so you are no longer weighed down.

With our work together, the removal of this old, stagnant energy will lead you to uncover what it is you are meant to pursue. How the light within you is meant to shine.

I describe what I do as life coaching through energy healing. It’s powerful, magical and literally life changing!

I believe that we are meant to have a HAPPY, thriving and abundant life.

If you feel that pull in your heart, that curiosity and wonder about what it could mean for are meant to pursue it. Read about how to work with me here.