I first met Vaughn a little over 5 years ago.  I did not know Vaughn well but her energy was what initially drew me in, and I knew that she was a person I needed to be friends with.  Here positivity towards life and her free spirit was contagious. I simply could not be in a bad mood when I was around Vaughn. I then began seeing her monthly for a massage and our friendship grew from there.  Last year, I made a huge life change and sought out my Pilates certification, which soon developed in the goal of starting my own business. During my massage session, Vaughn would start picking up certain emotions and stresses I was experiencing in my life and as my friend would help me work through them.  I was so excited for her because she finally starting tapping into her ability to help others with their energy and began to heal. Vaughn has guided me in many aspects of my life over the last year and brought forward things that although I felt, was unable to make sense of and move past certain areas (what has now been discovered to be blocks), things I was not allowing myself to work through.  I have been able to release negative thoughts that have haunted me for years and positively grow my business in ways I did not imagine were possible. Vaughns guidance, support, healing and friendship and been instrumental in my personal growth over the last year and I am so thankful for her.

— Kelly B.
Vaughn is a remarkable healer. Before coming to her, I knew there were issues in my life that were holding me back….but I couldn’t pinpoint them. As she worked her magic on me, I could feel so much energy and clarity around what needed to change. She is compassionate, giving, and a leader in her work. I felt safe to open up, receive her support and heal.
— Joanne M.
Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for the positive impact you have made in my life in just ONE day!
— Michelle D.
You did something for me. I don’t know what!?! But something good. Can’t wait for our next session.
— Ann M.
I can’t even tell you how much better I feel! I can already feel my creativity being opened up.
— Laura C.
I feel amazing! I wish everyone could experience this. There would be no more suffering.
— Anonymous